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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Soooo Tired.

So I have been working hard on the bathroom so Andrea and I can finally have our bathroom back. If I can work hard on it the next few days I really think I can finish the pluming, electrical, and sheet rock up. It is just seems to be coming along a lot faster than I expected. I really think that it is going to look great. I am really excited to see the finished product. I just hope it turns out as nice as Andrea sees it in her head. I really want this to turn out nice for Andrea.


Ross Family said...

You are so sweet! But I'm guessing that more than anything she will just be so proud of what a great job you did and that you did it all yourselves! P.S. I'm Skyes Sister. He seems to really enjoy staying with thanks for taking care of him!, but we can't wait to have him back!!! haha

Andrea said...

To Ross Family: I wish I didn't have to give him back. Thanks for lending me a brother!

To Kirk: You are wonderful, and it is looking great!

Unknown said...

So now that your going to have the experience are you going to help my with my home improvements?