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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Can Billy Play?

Sometimes I'm reminded of the fact that, although I didn't know it at the time, my childhood wasn't "normal." My mom taught at (and I attended) a private school about 30 minutes from our house, and we spent a lot of time at school. We were very family oriented, and as a result, my sisters were always my best friends. As a result, I'm sometimes a little lost when it comes to the unwritten rules of neighborhood play. I'm hoping those of you with "normal" upbringings can help me out.

1: If a neighbor - let's say Billy - knocks on my door and asks if Adam can play, and I answer "yes," at whose home should I expect that the kids will play?

2: Does Adam & Billy's age factor into the equation in any way?


Kris said...

Gee, I can't help much, but I remember when I was a kid I'd always go to their house to play because I found it more exciting. I always had to be back by dark or dinner time. But, I never remember playing with friends at Adams age so I can't help there.