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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Water Babies

Last summer we opted for the small backyard pool. While the kids loved it, I hated having to remember to move it (to not kill the grass), and I hated mowing around it. This summer, we opted to let the kids play in the sprinklers at home, and we splurged on a summer pass to the county pools. We'll spend most of our water time at the nearby "Magnet Pool" (Magna Pool).

At 11:30, we head out to get some free lunch at the park, and when everyone has finished the required amount of food, we head to the adjacent swimming pool. I was worried at first about the baby, but even the splash pad has heated water. Yay! Dylan has always loved his baths, and apparently a bigger tub with Mom and brothers in it is even better. I did have to laugh, though, because I noticed a weird circular void in the sunburn I got yesterday. I couldn't figure out what would have caused it, until I realized it was precisely the size of Dylan's head.

My favorite thing about having the summer passes is that each kid (including Dylan) gets his own pass, complete with photo ID. Ha ha ha. These are just too cute.


Sarah said...

We nearly headed to that splash pad today, but opted to head North instead. How ironic, that I'd now read about you having been there.(Question: is the splash pad part of the pool's admission? Or is it seperate?)

I, too, love the little passes. Cute pictures. Keep those in a treasure box for future years!