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Thursday, May 17, 2018


I am working on a thing: learning how to give a "Cliff Notes" style answer when pages upon pages are piling up in my brain and spilling out onto the unsuspecting questioner, overwhelming them entirely before I've even taken a moment to breathe.

To be honest, I am no good at it.

Which is why I am very excited about a new thing I just learned.


It apparently means "too long, didn't read," and it can be used by those who know they write way more than most normal humans are willing to wade through to summarize their own verbosity without having to choose to just say less words in the first place.

I think I am in love.

But that's not even my point.  The point I am excited to unapologetically state in too many words is that my brother is awesome.  And it is really fun to be able to trace back the little things that led to him doing something awesome.

The awesome thing he did is this.  And he has done an excellent job of explaining the product in a business-y way on his website.  I have to admit that my favorite part is when he puts on his engineering cap and says a bunch of stuff I didn't read.  It fills me with all sorts of sisterly pride that he has grown up to know stuff that bores me.

But there's a bit of backstory that he didn't share.  Because it doesn't really matter.  But when I read the things he wrote, my mind jumped instantly into word-vomit mode, and here I am.

#1 - The Coolest Uncle Ever

The promo picture on the website is my kid.  Having Uncle Jack as an uncle has got to be just about the coolest thing in the world.  This is the second time they've gotten to be product testers, and Uncle Jack makes pretty cool things.  I loved loosely supervising when they tested the directions for a wooden model he makes and sells.  In fact, I love loosely supervising anytime they are with him.  Slightly more safety conscious that Grandpa Casdorph sometimes appears, Jack is the perfect blend of adventure and caution, and I know that the things my kids learn when they are with him are unique and invaluable.

#2 - Kinda My Idea

Okay, it really wasn't my idea at all.  But I did go to Cub Country last year, and I did watch Alex and his friends have a great time shooting water bottle rockets, and I did mention that to my dad and Jack hoping they'd engineer something, and I did get to participate in a sunny day of family fun that probably spurred Jack's desire to do it better.

And I do have the video evidence of the fun.

#3 - Shameless Plug

I was going to say all the reasons I think you should buy from Jack.  But really, I think his stuff speaks for itself.  If you haven't visited his website or his Amazon store, you really should.  If you like gifting unique things or supporting local businesses, you'll probably really enjoy buying from him.  Oh, and purchasing from Jack supports Adam, too, since Adam is able to have the coolest job ever offered to a 13 year old.  (Did I mention that Adam's Inspirations entry, which he made using the skills he's learned at Art of Steel, won 2nd in state?)

Jack is awesome.  Buy this: