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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Articles of Faith

During church today, I decided that there really ought to be a 14th Article of Faith, at least for the Relief Society.

We believe in clipboards, sign up sheets, and refreshments and in sending around clipboards with sign up sheets for refreshments.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

You've Got To Be Kidding Me!

I needed a prescription called in to a pharmacy today. I chose WalMart because I knew they had my insurance info, and it is the closest pharmacy. I was disappointed to find out it was going to take them an hour to fill the prescription, but I was doing my best to have a good attitude about it. Until I picked up the prescription. Seriously? An hour for this? It is a freaking box of pills. It's not like they even had to count anything. Just pick up a box of pills and put it aside for me. Really? Next time, I think I'll drive the extra block or two to get to Walgreens.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009


In high school, my friends affectionately called me "West Sider" because I was one of about 5 students at Alta who lived west of the freeway. So naturally, when I met my Granger-class-of-'96 husband, I just knew we'd have lots in common, seeing how were both from the west side. :) He was quick to set me straight though. Perhaps I'm not an east-sider, but he won't let me claim the west either. He says I'm from the south side.

Let me add that I did formerly harbor a bit of prejudice against West Valley. You know, just the normal stuff that, honestly, a lot of people here in the Salt Lake Valley tend to think. West Valley is run down. West Valley has a lot of crime. A lot of white trash people and immigrants live in West Valley. Then I moved here. I live in a really classy, new neighborhood full of exactly the kind of people that I want my kids to grow up with. I'm proud of the businesses and programs here in West Valley, and I'm proud to live here. Hopefully with that disclaimer, my husband won't take offense at the rest of my blog. It's just too perfect to pass up.

I took the kids to Granger High School today where my mother-in-law works as a lunch lady. She has an awesome relationship with her co-workers, and they love to see the new babies, so today was "show off the new grandchild" day (which we carefully planned to coincide with yummy Thanksgiving lunch day). We were sitting there, enjoying our lunches, when the principal came over the loudspeaker to announce that the school was on lockdown. Yeah... lockdown.

Not knowing the nature of the threat, but knowing all too well that I recently read two separate books about school shootings, I gathered the kids close and tried not to show fear. I was very relieved to find out (thanks to the walkie talkies worn by the janitorial staff who had been lunching with us) that the threat was on the outside of the building. Still, Granger's lunchroom is kind of a circular room of which about half is huge windows. Even though rationality suggested there was nothing to be afraid of, I have to admit that my mother hen instinct kicked in, and I couldn't hold my kids close enough.

And, of course, Dylan got hungry in the middle of all of this. I hadn't planned to feed him while we were out, so I was completely unprepared to have to nurse him in a lunchroom full of strangers. I tried to stall him, but he told me in no uncertain terms that he had to eat. Being an incredibly private person, I opted to use a back office in the lunch prep area to feed him, but that meant leaving my two other boys back in the room with all the windows. My stupid overactive imagination kept threatening to run away with me the whole time I was feeding him. Thankfully, after about 10 minutes of being away from my kids, the lockdown was over and we got to go home.

3 years at Alta without a hitch. One lunch at Granger (okay, I admit, I've been there 4 or 5 times before, but still) and I get stuck in a lockdown. Sorry, honey. It had to be said.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let's Don't Talk About Lisa

Kirk downloaded a program that lets us crop our digital music files to make ringtones, so everytime my sister Lisa calls me, I get to listen to 30 seconds of the Lonestar song, "Let's Don't Talk About Lisa." Kind of fun because its obvious to everyone around who is calling. Also fun because it gets stuck in everyone's heads. He he he...

Anyway, when Lisa got married in 2008, she up and moved to Georgia, and we've only been able to see her a few times since then. But thanks to the upcoming marriage of her best friend, she will be in town next week for Thanksgiving. And I can't wait!

My excitement and the turkey season have got me thinking about all the awesome things about my sister Lisa, and I thought I'd put them to paper (sorta) and share what makes Lisa so special.
- Lisa is an incredible aunt. When she lived here, Adam called her apartment the "party house," because she'd invite him over for sleepovers. I'm not sure exactly what they'd do, but I know they had all sorts of special little traditions like pancakes in the morning, and singing and signing the "I love you" song at bedtime.

- Lisa loves to succeed, win, and prove herself to people who doubt her. Ok, so maybe it's pretty much a family trait, but it runs especially strong in Lisa. I love seeing Lisa accomplish the seemingly impossible whether it is putting herself through college without so much as one student loan or just winning at croquet.
- Lisa calls me a couple of times a week just to see how I'm doing. I don't think she's realized yet that my life is pretty boring and that it will be pretty much the same every time she calls. But I love hearing her stories, and I love feeling like my lack of adventure is somehow important to her. I love that she takes the time to call me, because in my child-infested little world, I know I just wouldn't remember to take the time when I had it. Keep calling me, Lisa!

- Lisa has the kindest heart ever. My mom loves to tell the story that when we were little, Lisa would never just ask for one cookie; she'd always ask for one for her and one for Andrea. Where I am naturally a bit selfish, Lisa doesn't know the meaning of the word. She is generous with her time and her talents, although she keeps her heart pretty well guarded. A tough exterior to protect her tender nature.
- Lisa can't shimmy. We've done a lot of shows and dancing together, and sometimes she's just more of a jock than a dancer, and it makes me laugh. I really miss being in rehearsals and on stage with Lisa.

- Lisa is a great listener. I remember when I was in elementary and a bit boy crazy, Lisa and I would go outside every Friday night and shoot hoops. I would tell Lisa all about my "problems," and she'd listen like they actually mattered. When I was dating my first boyfriend (and she was 12), she'd listen patiently and help me talk through things that were bugging me. Now when I just need to vent so I can get past something that's bugging me, I know I can always talk to Lisa. She doesn't judge, and she doesn't try to fix. She just listens.

- Lisa can't spell. She seems so perfect so much of the time that it's nice to know she does have little weaknesses, and it's fun to tease her about them. If only everyone in the world had a biggest flaw as unimportant as not being able to spell.

- Lisa is dependable. Seriously, she is a rock. If Lisa says she'll do it, she will go to the ends of the earth to do it. Letting people down kills her. And she'll drop everything to help someone out in a pinch. When I call her when I'm out shopping and need someone to look something up on the internet, she never complains or tells me she's in the middle of something, although I'm sure with her crazy schedule that she probably is.

And that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of how awesome this girl is. Or of how much I miss her. I can't wait to get to spend a few days with her next week, and I really can't wait for the day that she gets to live a little closer to home so we can at least be there for each other's really important things. I love you, Lisa.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I Can't Wait!

I can't wait to turn these:

into these:

Finished product pictures to come soon. Or at least by Christmas.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I Feel Entitled

I try to blog at least weekly. I do one load of laundry daily. Dinner is on the table promptly at 5:30 (ok... almost all the time). Most days I make my bed. I update my GoodReads on the same day that I finish a book. I pick out music for the entire ward choir "season" (September through May) diligently by August. I make to do lists and then actually do the stuff on them. All in all, I have to say that I'm pretty proud of myself. And as a result of all this great stuff I do, I feel entitled to:

- At least one new blog update to read every time I check. Which, for the record, is generally twice daily. And, for the record, this doesn't happen. Too many of my friends have blogs but don't actually blog. C'mon, guys. I want to read about your lives so I can vicariously enjoy your adventures and be grateful I'm not you when your kids do bad stuff.

- A few minutes to myself each day, even if I have to ignore my kids to get it. Sometimes I take this in the form of an extra long bath. Other times, it is in the form of running errands all by myself. Who would have thought this would seem a privilege.

- Kids who treat me with respect. Again, this doesn't always happen. My 4 year old has recently learned how (and when) to roll his eyes at his mother. And occassionally he screams at me. The two year old just ignores me. But I guess it's a learning process, and - as Adam pointed out the other night - sometimes I do interupt him when he's trying to tell me something, which really frustrates him. I guess I still need to work on making sure the respect goes both ways.

- A husband who doubles as a knight in shining armor when he gets home. And I actually have this! Seriously, I am married to the best husband and father a person could ever ask for. He does laundry. He washes pans. He takes out the garbage without complaint. He changes diapers and bathes children and reads bedtime stories. He cleans up dog poop and shovels the snow. Definately knight in shining armor material.

- Chocolate. I miss the days when I could eat it (and anything else) without consequence, but it is still nice to enjoy some chocolate on pretty much a daily basis. Right now, the source is the kids' Halloween candy. Mmm... Snickers.

- A good nights' sleep. Not gonna happen.

- The truth. Whether it is from the kids or from friends or from neighbors, it's nice to just be told how it is. If you're not going to follow through, don't take the assignment. If you hit your brother, just say so. If my hair looks really ridiculous because I tried to dye it blond and it went a weird copperish-red color, it's okay to say so. Honesty just saves so much time.

- Happiness. And I can honestly say I have it. Three great boys to love and clothe and tease and clean up after. A husband who acts like a husband and not like one of the kids (most of the time). A home. A great extended family. You name it, I've got it. Well, except for money. And time. And that good night's sleep I mentioned.

Ok... maybe not entitled, but definately grateful for what I do have.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Doing a Casdorph Proud

I married a button pusher. Where most people try to steer clear of the things that bug people, I'm pretty sure Kirk has a sixth sense that clearly displays these things as large buttons that he can easily go up and push. Examples:

Lisa values her personal space. Kirk sees a big button that says "hug me."

For his own sisters, he generally sticks to personal insults. Last night, Heather mentioned she has an ingrown toenail. Kirk's response: "I'd be infected, too, if I was on you." (Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's 13).

When he looks at his mom, I'm pretty sure there's not an empty space between all the easy-to-push buttons.

I have plenty of buttons of my own, but one of his favorites is the "all Casdorph's cheat" button. Honestly, he wore this button out years ago, but somehow the joke has spread. Now most of the Fife's and Michelle's husband Skye like to use it, too.

To be fair, a lot of Casdorph's do cheat. (Ahem... Michelle and Jack)

I can just hear Michelle now. "I don't cheat! But if you're going to hold your cards out where I can see them, I'm gonna look!"

I'm also pretty sure my dad and my Grandpa Casdorph aren't above cheating. So it's not that there isn't some truth to the statement. But for the record - I don't cheat.

Abrupt subject change here:

Adam is the spitting image of his dad and undeniably a Fife. Alex looks and often acts a little more like me. We call him our little Casdorph boy. Trademark brown eyes. Loves chocolate. Loves bread. Loves to sing. Loves noisy power tools. Loves attention. Loves motors. Loves the stage. Casdorph boy.

Now to tie it all together:

Here's the evidence that even though NOT ALL CASDORPH'S CHEAT, I do think it may be a genetic trait that I managed to pass through to Alex.

Clearly cheating at the ring toss.
Manually turning over the tic-tac-toe pieces to reveal pumpkins.
It makes a Casdorph proud.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shooting with Jay

THURSDAY: At dinner, Adam announced to us that he wanted us to get him a gun, and he wanted to learn to shoot and hunt. No idea where this came from, but I told him that his Uncle Mark likes to shoot stuff, and so does our good friend Jay, and I was certain that sometime he'd be able to go shooting with one of them.

FRIDAY: Jay's Facebook status update said he'd be going shooting on Saturday and invited anybody to come join him.

SATURDAY: Adam got to go shoot lots of guns, and from all accounts, he loved every minute of it. Kirk and Adam were gone for nearly 6 hours, which spared me from hearing, "When do we get to go trick-or-treating" all day.

Thanks, Jay, for making a little boy's dream come true (and so quickly)!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Here's a little taste of our Halloween fun:

Costumes: Kirk and I went to Grandma Tess's party as 80's sweethearts. I had fun with the blue eyeshadow and aqua net bangs, but I just didn't have the energy to put the costume back on for the ward party or for actual Halloween. One night only, folks.

My boys went as the "Wonder Pets." For those of you fortunate enough to not know, the Wonder Pets are cartoon characters who save animals in trouble using teamwork. My kids love the Wonder Pets. Since I pretty much hate Halloween waste ($30 spent on a costume no one will ever wear again) I try to make their costumes as reusable as possible. This year the boys now have warm jammies and awesome reversible capes (Alex's doubles as Batman, and Adam gets to be Superman). I'm pretty darn proud of myself for sewing these myself. I even made Alex's aviator cap. See below for pics of Adam as Linny - the guinea pig, Alex as Ming Ming - the duck, and Dylan as Tuck - the turtle.

**Take the extra two seconds to click on the above picture to view it larger. I don't know why it is showing so small. Lame.