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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Doing a Casdorph Proud

I married a button pusher. Where most people try to steer clear of the things that bug people, I'm pretty sure Kirk has a sixth sense that clearly displays these things as large buttons that he can easily go up and push. Examples:

Lisa values her personal space. Kirk sees a big button that says "hug me."

For his own sisters, he generally sticks to personal insults. Last night, Heather mentioned she has an ingrown toenail. Kirk's response: "I'd be infected, too, if I was on you." (Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's 13).

When he looks at his mom, I'm pretty sure there's not an empty space between all the easy-to-push buttons.

I have plenty of buttons of my own, but one of his favorites is the "all Casdorph's cheat" button. Honestly, he wore this button out years ago, but somehow the joke has spread. Now most of the Fife's and Michelle's husband Skye like to use it, too.

To be fair, a lot of Casdorph's do cheat. (Ahem... Michelle and Jack)

I can just hear Michelle now. "I don't cheat! But if you're going to hold your cards out where I can see them, I'm gonna look!"

I'm also pretty sure my dad and my Grandpa Casdorph aren't above cheating. So it's not that there isn't some truth to the statement. But for the record - I don't cheat.

Abrupt subject change here:

Adam is the spitting image of his dad and undeniably a Fife. Alex looks and often acts a little more like me. We call him our little Casdorph boy. Trademark brown eyes. Loves chocolate. Loves bread. Loves to sing. Loves noisy power tools. Loves attention. Loves motors. Loves the stage. Casdorph boy.

Now to tie it all together:

Here's the evidence that even though NOT ALL CASDORPH'S CHEAT, I do think it may be a genetic trait that I managed to pass through to Alex.

Clearly cheating at the ring toss.
Manually turning over the tic-tac-toe pieces to reveal pumpkins.
It makes a Casdorph proud.