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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Here's a little taste of our Halloween fun:

Costumes: Kirk and I went to Grandma Tess's party as 80's sweethearts. I had fun with the blue eyeshadow and aqua net bangs, but I just didn't have the energy to put the costume back on for the ward party or for actual Halloween. One night only, folks.

My boys went as the "Wonder Pets." For those of you fortunate enough to not know, the Wonder Pets are cartoon characters who save animals in trouble using teamwork. My kids love the Wonder Pets. Since I pretty much hate Halloween waste ($30 spent on a costume no one will ever wear again) I try to make their costumes as reusable as possible. This year the boys now have warm jammies and awesome reversible capes (Alex's doubles as Batman, and Adam gets to be Superman). I'm pretty darn proud of myself for sewing these myself. I even made Alex's aviator cap. See below for pics of Adam as Linny - the guinea pig, Alex as Ming Ming - the duck, and Dylan as Tuck - the turtle.

**Take the extra two seconds to click on the above picture to view it larger. I don't know why it is showing so small. Lame.


Rebecca and Nick said...

ha! we love the wonder pets around here, too! Nice job on those costumes!

Sarah said...

GREAT costumes!
Impressed with the making of them, and having all three boys match.
Way to go.

Anonymous said...

Stop being so domestic - it makes the rest of us look bad :) I think my favorite pictures is the last one...lying down. SO AWESOME! What a cutie pants your baby is! Oh, and the other boys, too :)

Julie said...

how stinkin cute!