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Friday, October 30, 2009

Definately Different

For months, everyone has been telling me that going from 2 kids to 3 is a pretty rough transition. I believed them then, and I'm living it now.

  • I missed an adorable photo opportunity of #2 (laying on his belly on the floor working on a Halloween puzzle) because I was busy feeding #3.
  • I thought I'd lost #2 in the parking lot of the library. I left him on the "big boy" side of the truck expecting him to climb into his car seat while I put #3 in the other side. I came back around to strap in #2 and couldn't find him anywhere. After doing a full circle of the truck and calling his name several times, I came to the conclusion someone had kidnapped him while I was not watching him. Seconds later, a teenage boy brought him to me explaining they'd found him by their car. (Lesson learned... take the extra 30 seconds to lift #2 into the truck.)
  • I didn't get any pictures of #1 & #2 pulling faces at the guts that had to come out of their pumpkins before said pumpkins could be carved. (Adam was literally on the verge of tears when Kirk tried to touch Adam's hand with the slimy guts.) Once again, busy feeding #3.
  • I find that I have to constantly choose between quality time with the kids, cleaning the house, and taking care of myself. I am pretty much sucking at all 3.
  • I have to go to bed at 8:30 each night due to sheer exhaustion. #3 then wakes me up 3 times to eat before I have to get up at 7:00 to start the morning routine with #1, #2, and the two nephews that live with us. I wake up feeling just as tired as I felt when I went to sleep. Basically, I'm using tons of energy doggy paddling just to keep my head above water and getting absolutely nowhere.
  • #2 (who used to be a momma's boy) has deserted me. He now clings to his daddy whenever daddy is around. I miss him.
  • Every night is bath night for somebody. T, Th, Sun for the big boys. M, W, F for the baby. Ok, technically we don't have to wash anybody on Saturdays.
  • I have laundry coming out my ears. It amazes me how much laundry a little 9 lb boy goes through!

But if that sounded like complaining, it honestly isn't. I may be tired, and I may feel like I am running constantly to keep up with my own life, but I am keeping up. I am functioning. The kids have yet to go unfed or unwashed. No one has run out of clean socks or underwear. And I have an awesome husband who does everything he possibly can to help out when he's home (I would have drown by now if it wasn't for him). Yes, it's an adjustment, but it is such a small price to pay to have our sweet Dylan as a part of our family.


coryshay said...

you are doing better than me and I'm only balancing one kiddo with full time work! Hang in there!

Kris said...

The joys of adjusting to new things in life. I hope it gets better for you soon. I don't know how my brother and wife did it with triplets from the start. We're thinking of you!

Heather said...

andrea, I can't even imgaine how tired you are, but I want you to know that I have always looked up to you for how you take care of your kids. You are just use to always doing everything and I am sure it is hard to have to sit back and choose the pictures you take and the time you spend with your kids, I don't think you are complaining at all, it is just change and that sometimes can be very hard. You are doing a wonderful job and your boys love you so much! When I have my #3 remind me of this because I am sure i will need this advice when i feel just as tired. Remember how wonderful you are andrea and how much the Lord loves you for taking such good care of his boys:) Laundry and cleaning can wait! It will always be there.... love ya andrea hang in there. :)