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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wii Fit Plus

Kirk's mom gave me $25 for my birthday, and I immediately knew what I wanted to spend it on. I only had to wait 1 week for the release of the new Wii Fit Plus.

I've been the proud owner of the Wii Fit since its initial release about 18 months ago. I loved using it for the occassional workout, but could never get into a good routine because I was frustrated with the process of having to click several times to start the next "exercise" and only being able to exercise in little 2- to 3-minute chunks. I knew eventually they'd get it right and come out with a game where you could set up an exercise queue or use preset routines to just get going.

Enter Wii Fit Plus. All the exciting games, difficult muscle exercises, and crazy yoga poses of the first, plus several new games and exercises. PLUS the ability to set it up for a hassle-free workout. I can't wait to be recovered enough to actually try it out.

In the meantime, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Adam march while throwing a baton, navigate through the obstacle course, juggle, and patiently try to drop marbles through holes. When it just isn't a great time for riding his bike out front, I'm glad he has an in-living-room option for some moving around. Even Alex is pretty good at heading the soccer balls. Good, clean fun for all!


Kris said...

Serious? This is my answer!! We can't afford a gym membership and I've done the Wii fit, but it's just not enough for me because of the small chunks of exercise. We will have to save up and buy this. Thanks!