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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Good Daughter... For a Daughter

For those of you who've ever met my dad, you'll find this hilarious. Even if you haven't, I'm pretty sure you'll still enjoy this. My sister Lisa got married back in July, and this is a clip of his speech at her wedding dinner. A quick note for those of you not truly acquainted with my family, Lisa's husband Brett was, at the time, working for my dad. It's helpful to know that little fact. I've let it play through to the end, even though he does turn it serious for a sentence or two. I thought I'd let him redeem himself at least a little.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Kind of Interview

Okay, so I thought the library card interview was funny (see previous post), but at least Adam was awake for that one. Last night, we heard him coughing outside our door, so we invited him in. He was acting kind of strange, but Kirk just grabbed him and laid him in between us. He immediately closed his eyes and went to sleep.

I was concerned, because he almost never gets out of his bed at night, so I figured something must be wrong. I'd ask him questions, but he mostly just ignored me. Then this:

Me: Adam, is something wrong?

Adam: I can't see.

Me: [stifling laughter] Honey, maybe you should try opening your eyes.

Adam opens his eyes.

Me: Is that better?

Adam: Yeah.

I continued to try to ask him if anything was wrong or if anything hurt, but he just kept looking at me with a really far-off look. We finally concluded that he was sleep walking, and Kirk carried him back to bed while I laughed hysterically.

I hope he does that again some other night! It was way more entertaining than TV.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An Interview

The other night, I filled out an application for Adam to get his own library card. (Side note: I now know he can't get one because he isn't 5, but that's not relevant to this story.) Here's how the application process went:

Me: What is your name?
Adam: Adam Lawrence Fife

Me: Where do you live?
Adam: At my house.

Me: What is your phone number?
Adam: 49

Me: What's your email address?
Adam: [pause] [pause] Um, I don't know.

Me: What's your mom's maiden name?
Adam: Andrea Fife

I guess we still have some work to do in case he ever gets lost. At least he does know my name.

Friday, September 19, 2008


I'm looking for some guinea pigs to help me develop a new branch of my business called Photo Finish Gifts. Check out the details at I think the offer is going to fill up quickly, so hurry!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Tickets to Rocky Mountain Raceway: free
Hot Dogs: free
Drink & Fries: $6.00
Meeting Lightning McQueen: PRICELESS

That's right... we got to go to RMR for free using our "Good Neighbor" passes. They send these to us every year, but we've always been too busy to go. This year, we made a night of it, taking advantage of the free hot dogs, too.

Since Adam doesn't like loud noises, we were a little worried about how he'd handle it, but we gave him some earplugs, and he survived. Actually, he loved it.

I had told him we were going to go see some race cars like Lightning McQueen, but that Lightning McQueen would not be there. Naturally, it surprised me when, during the first race, Adam pointed to the track and shouted, "Mom! There's Lightning McQueen!" At first, I just figured he'd seen a red car, but after closer inspection, sure enough it was Lightning!

After the races, we got to go check out the cars. Lightning's driver, "Lightning Cody," was kind enough to let the boys sit in the car (which, btw, is about half the size of a Nascar car). They had a blast.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Creative Outlet

Now that I've turned my creative outlet - digital scrapbooking - into a business, I'm finding that I need a new creative outlet. I've always been interested in beading, but as the mom of boys I rarely have a need for beads. However, now that there are 4 little boys living in our house, I find that I can never keep the cups straight. Did Adam have water in the red cup today... or is that one Ryan's? So, I came up with this solution and had a little creative fun along the way.

These charms slip right over a straw, and now the boys can reuse their water cups all day long without the threat of sharing germs.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Return from Hiatus

I actually haven't been anywhere... just busy. So here's a recap of life since I've been a total blog slacker.

Last week of August - My sister Michelle and her husband Skye decided they're moving back to Utah! Yeah!

Sept. 1st - Kirk's sister Heather, her husband Tony, and her two boys Kaleb (5) and Ryan (3) became the most recent inhabitants of our revolving door basement. It's been a little noisier and messier with the addition of the two extra kids, but it's also been a blast for Adam. We're happy to have doubled our family size for awhile.

Sept. 3rd - The death of a car. Yeah, our blue piece-of-crap car threw a piston, which is apparently synonymous with death. Considering it would cost more to repair than what we paid for the car in the first place, we are now in the position of looking for a replacement vehicle. Thanks to Michelle and Skye, we'll be borrowing Michelle's Alero until we figure out a permanent solution.

Sept. 4th - Adam's first day of preschool... again. Technically, Adam went to preschool last year. But he was just downstairs at the same school where I was teaching, so it feels totally different this year to just drop him off someplace. He is going to Jacque's Preschool on Tues & Thurs afternoons, and his cousin (and current housemate) Ryan is in his class.

Sept. 6th - I put the finishing touches on two guest books that absolutely had to be finished last week. I love the work, but I hate it when it encroaches on my family time, and last week I felt like I had to work a ton! But I can't complain, because that means my business, well, has business.

Hopefully I'm back in the blogsosphere this week, but with a houseful of kids and a new business to run, we'll see if I find time or not.