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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Tickets to Rocky Mountain Raceway: free
Hot Dogs: free
Drink & Fries: $6.00
Meeting Lightning McQueen: PRICELESS

That's right... we got to go to RMR for free using our "Good Neighbor" passes. They send these to us every year, but we've always been too busy to go. This year, we made a night of it, taking advantage of the free hot dogs, too.

Since Adam doesn't like loud noises, we were a little worried about how he'd handle it, but we gave him some earplugs, and he survived. Actually, he loved it.

I had told him we were going to go see some race cars like Lightning McQueen, but that Lightning McQueen would not be there. Naturally, it surprised me when, during the first race, Adam pointed to the track and shouted, "Mom! There's Lightning McQueen!" At first, I just figured he'd seen a red car, but after closer inspection, sure enough it was Lightning!

After the races, we got to go check out the cars. Lightning's driver, "Lightning Cody," was kind enough to let the boys sit in the car (which, btw, is about half the size of a Nascar car). They had a blast.


Jay said...

Oh man that is awesome!!!

Kris said...

Absolutely adorable.

Steph said...

Okay now I am really bummed that we didn't go! I wanted Ben to take Noah for a father son night but he had to work...Noah would have loved it!! Cute pictures!

Nene said...

That is so cool! We got the passes, the day before you could use them, and had already made plans. I was SO tempted to cancel! Your boys are so cute and looked like they had a blast!