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Monday, November 9, 2009

I Feel Entitled

I try to blog at least weekly. I do one load of laundry daily. Dinner is on the table promptly at 5:30 (ok... almost all the time). Most days I make my bed. I update my GoodReads on the same day that I finish a book. I pick out music for the entire ward choir "season" (September through May) diligently by August. I make to do lists and then actually do the stuff on them. All in all, I have to say that I'm pretty proud of myself. And as a result of all this great stuff I do, I feel entitled to:

- At least one new blog update to read every time I check. Which, for the record, is generally twice daily. And, for the record, this doesn't happen. Too many of my friends have blogs but don't actually blog. C'mon, guys. I want to read about your lives so I can vicariously enjoy your adventures and be grateful I'm not you when your kids do bad stuff.

- A few minutes to myself each day, even if I have to ignore my kids to get it. Sometimes I take this in the form of an extra long bath. Other times, it is in the form of running errands all by myself. Who would have thought this would seem a privilege.

- Kids who treat me with respect. Again, this doesn't always happen. My 4 year old has recently learned how (and when) to roll his eyes at his mother. And occassionally he screams at me. The two year old just ignores me. But I guess it's a learning process, and - as Adam pointed out the other night - sometimes I do interupt him when he's trying to tell me something, which really frustrates him. I guess I still need to work on making sure the respect goes both ways.

- A husband who doubles as a knight in shining armor when he gets home. And I actually have this! Seriously, I am married to the best husband and father a person could ever ask for. He does laundry. He washes pans. He takes out the garbage without complaint. He changes diapers and bathes children and reads bedtime stories. He cleans up dog poop and shovels the snow. Definately knight in shining armor material.

- Chocolate. I miss the days when I could eat it (and anything else) without consequence, but it is still nice to enjoy some chocolate on pretty much a daily basis. Right now, the source is the kids' Halloween candy. Mmm... Snickers.

- A good nights' sleep. Not gonna happen.

- The truth. Whether it is from the kids or from friends or from neighbors, it's nice to just be told how it is. If you're not going to follow through, don't take the assignment. If you hit your brother, just say so. If my hair looks really ridiculous because I tried to dye it blond and it went a weird copperish-red color, it's okay to say so. Honesty just saves so much time.

- Happiness. And I can honestly say I have it. Three great boys to love and clothe and tease and clean up after. A husband who acts like a husband and not like one of the kids (most of the time). A home. A great extended family. You name it, I've got it. Well, except for money. And time. And that good night's sleep I mentioned.

Ok... maybe not entitled, but definately grateful for what I do have.


Phil and Alicia Hall said...

You're awesome Andrea!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post. You do have it all...and I honestly don't know how you do it. Just an FYI, the "respect" from your kids will swing all over the place before it's all said and done. I always hated it when people would say to me, in midst of snot in my hair, barf on my dress, and a kid hanging from my hem, "Oh sweetie. You enjoy them while they're young." Those people very nearly died. DIED I TELL YOU! But I'm sorry to say, there is something to what they're saying. I long for the days of stressing over a kid who wants to wear plaids with stripes, you know? The things I worry about now are so PERMANENT. Eternal. Sigh. I couldn't do what you're doing physically any more than I could fly right now, but the emotional exhaustion I feel every day could easily cause me to pass out right this minute.

Your boys are darling. You're a darling mom. Enjoy them while they're young. :) Then enjoy them when they're older. It's all an adventure.