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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Adam's Spring Program

Yesterday, Adam participated in a music program at school. Well, let me rephrase... most of Adam's class participated; Adam used his 15 minutes in front of an audience to stare blankly ahead of him. He did join in the fun for most of the dances, at least when other students weren't distracting him with their antennae (it was a bug themed program), but I may just have to come to grips with the fact that Adam doesn't like to sing.

Fortunately, he wasn't the kid who wouldn't stay in his assigned spot for more than 3 consecutive seconds. Adam was exactly where he was supposed to be at all times, and he never misbehaved. He just didn't sing either. I think they may have put him right next to the cute oriental girl in the green shirt because she sang loudly enough to compensate for his lack of enthusiasm. Who knows.

Overall, though, the program was adorable. My favorite part was "Shoo, Fly" where Adam got to dance with the cute oriental girl in green. I also really enjoyed "Busy Bumblebee," the only song Adam actually sang.

Another highlight was a dance about a butterfly. While the other kids spent their time doing the dance they'd learned, Adam spent his picking up his handkerchiefs again and again. I think someone greased his.


Fountaine's said...

I have the cutest bug nephew ever!!!