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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Straight Into Winter

It only took a half hour to get all the kids bundled up and ready to go outside. They'd been out there for maybe 5 minutes when Kaleb said, "Hey, Aunt Andrea, can we make a snowman?" My first answer was, "No." I had no shoes on, let alone snow gear. He persisted, "Why not?" "Well," I answered lamely, "I'm not even sure I can find any gloves." The words sounded hollow even as I said them. I had no good excuse to not put on my awesome snow bibs (yeah, they look JUST like the kids') and get out there to make a snowman. Adam helped with the base, Ryan did the belly, and Kaleb made the head all by himself. We are always swimming in suckers here, so we used tootsie pops to create the face and buttons. Have you ever seen a snowman with purple eyes?
I knew I better take a picture quick, because I'm pretty sure these kids will have just as much fun knocking him down as they did setting him up. But if you ask me how this snowman will meet his demise, my money is on Alex tipping him over while trying to eat his buttons.


Jay said...

"We are always swimming in suckers here"

Oh you were talking about candy lol. Great looking snowman there.

Nene said...

Mmm...tootsie pops! Great idea! Except I would be the one eating them, not my kids.

Kris said...

The snowmam looks great. Love the tootsie pop idea. Very creative.

Rebecca and Nick said...

Hi new friend! It looks like your boys had fun! And I love the sucker idea, also. Sorry to hear about your truck, ipod, camera, etc. That would make me sick.

BRANDY said...

Very awesome....I think my kids would eat the snowman before the suckers.... lately they are all about 'bowls of snow'.

Am-Biance said...

Your boys are so cute!! And the snowman is too... :)