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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

25 Things Not Commonly Known About Me

I saw this on someone's Facebook and decided to play along. Thanks, Chrisella, for giving me an honest look into what makes you, well... you. Here goes for me.

1. I contantly have a personal dialogue going on in my head. Even now, as I type, I am planning out the next 24 entries in my head.

2. After breaking up with my first boyfriend and before meeting my husband, I was insanely insecure. I tried to validate myself by making out with just about any guy who would hold still long enough. I will always regret the people that I hurt during this period of my life.

3. I have a very irrational fear of papercuts. (Especially papercuts on my tongue. You should see me try to seal an envelope.)

4. I have a very rational fear of large falling objects. I had a piano fall over on my leg when I was in 8th grade.

5. I screwed up a full-ride scholarship to Utah State University by pretty much never attending class and never doing the homework.

6. I hated playing the piano and wanted to quit until I was probably 15. **Thanks, Mom, for not letting me!*

7. My political views are often in conflict with my moral views, because I don't believe the government should take away agency.

8. I am incredibly non-confrontational when it comes to anything that matters, but I will mercilessly argue about pointless things.

9. I would be thrilled to continue specializing in boys. Little girls scare me.

10. If I ever have the time, I like to sit down and watch an episode of I-Carly. It makes me laugh, and is far from thought provoking.

11. I don't like watermelon or oranges, based solely on their icky-feeling textures.

12. I am only organized once every month or so. On this day, I sit down and over-organize everything so I can make it through until the next stroke of organization hits. (Case in point, I have the menu planned for the next three months, and I chose the songs for the ward choir for the entire year in one sitting.)

13. I am really selfish, and I have major sharing issues. I pretty much always think of myself first and others second, and I have to fight this urge even when parenting.

14. I don't believe in ghosts, but I do belive that other people have good reasons for believing in ghosts.

15. I will read anything. Science fiction, fantasy, mystery, the back of a cereal box, The Reader's Digest, historical fiction, text books, instruction manuals, billboards, lame celebrity magazines, biographies, blogs... if it has words, I WILL READ IT! (And I will love it!)

16. I miss having a "best friend" who is a girl. I love and adore my husband, and he will always be my best friend, but I wish I had more time to nurture my relationships with other females and have one best girlfriend to giggle with. (Thanks though to all you girls who keep me sane through our when-we-happen-to-have-time-for-each-other friendships!)

17. I love my cat. I've always been a dog person, but right now, Roxie is the perfect pet.

18. I was born in Ohio. (I've lived in Utah since I was 4, though)

19. As a child/teen/young adult, I struggled very much with honesty. I wanted everyone to think I was perfect, and when I didn't quite measure up, I'd just lie to make up the difference. One of my biggest life goals is to first learn how to do the work required to be that person that I want everyone to think I am, and secondly, learn to be okay with myself when I fall short.

20. I'm a total checklist person, and I thrive on a routine. I love to come up with systems. Unfortunately, I'm really bad at completing my checklists, stickign to my routines, and following through with my systems.

21. I have a marketing degree, but the thought of working in an office scares me. After being a stay at home mom for 3 1/2 years (or working in a teaching environment), the thought of deadlines and pressure and politics makes me almost panic. I'll be happy if I never have to reacclimate myself to an office job.

22. I was a Realtor for about a year. Yeah, I got my real estate license only to find out that I pretty much suck at selling. My mom tried to tell me, but I guess I had to figure that one out for myself.

23. Alex has got me wrapped around his finger. Seriously, that kid says, "Jump," and I say, "How high?" I've got to get that under control!

24. I love quiet. Background noise (like TV I'm not really watching, dishwashers running, or kids playing) has a tendency to really annoy me. Thanks to my noise-loving husband for trying to give me at least an hour or two a day without the TV on.

25. I love being short. I may complain about it sometimes, but it is who I am, and it's kind of how I identify myself. I love being the shortest person in a room, because it gives me a role to fill.


Jami said...

#9 worries me a little....have you always felt this way or are you just feeling that way after spending the afternoon with my girls? :)

Sarah said...

I knew #5 ;)
I agree with 16
Many, like 22, I had no idea about.
Fun to read!

Martha Belle Schultz said...

So fun to read these things about yu , I already know you better ! Oh and about the short thing I totally agree . The other day I was at a playgroup where more than one person was talking about how tall is so beautiful on woman . I disagree . Would I like longer legs for my size yes , but I love being short .... and having a tall man . Sorry I just went off. Hope all is well with you guys . We need to get together.

Becca said...

Hmmmm.... Ok, I've obviously been around a long time, because very little of that information was new to me. And a ridiculous amount of those items could have been describing me, too. But I think that's why I love you so much, and why you're worth keeping as a when-we-actually-have-time friend.