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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I could post a few links here of various space shuttle launches that are NOT the space shuttle launch that Adam watched at school today, but that would probably just lead to more frustration on his part that Mom is not cool enough to be able to find the exact same launch. If only the launches were searchable by random details noticed by a 4 year old. For example, I know that in this particular launch:

1. "They counted to three then said 'one, zero, blast off,' and then the rocket ship launched."
2. After it went up into the sky, there was one white part that fell off and then another white part that fell off, and then one other white part that stayed on for awhile and then fell off.

I also know that he is convinced of two hard-to-explain (and just plain wrong) pieces of information:

1. He watched the movie at school today, but then he was supposed to come home and watch it again. For kids who don't have the movie, it was just supposed to be on tv. (To prove to him that he was wrong, I had to read aloud the note sent home from school today, turn on the TV "just in case" there really were astronauts on it, and call his preschool to talk to Miss Jacque.)
2. He interpretted something that he saw in the video to mean that if he goes out in our backyard, astronauts will come down and take him up to space. (To prove him wrong on this one, I sent his cousins outside as test subjects. No astronaut abductions.)

And after all this, I've been reminded of two things that remain fairly constant around here:

1. Adam really has an eye (and memory) for details
2. I am ALWAYS wrong.


coryshay said...

That's a great story...I loved that he was ok with his cousins being abducted by astronauts! :)

The Fife's said...

How funny. I can just picture his face while he is explaining that astronauts would come get him. Ha Ha!!

Steph said...

Too funny! It is a good thing you have learned that early I guess!!(I am glad nobody was taken by Astronauts!!)