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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Did they REALLY just say that?!

The scene: I'm at the school playground with Adam, Alex, and my nephew Ryan waiting for my nephew Kaleb to take his kindergarten assessment test. The kids are all playing on various parts of the playground, with about 20 feet between Adam and Ryan. I am even farther away, sitting on a nearby concrete structure enjoying the shade. An obese man walks by with his kindergarten child, presumably looking for the appropriate entrance to the assessments.

Ryan: (shouting across the 20 feet to Adam) "Adam, did you see that guy?!"

Adam: (shouting back) "Yeah, he's really fat! I don't even know how he's gonna fit through that door!"

Ryan: "Yeah, there's NO WAY he's going to make it through that door. They'll have to get a bigger door."

Me: Okay, I confess... I said nothing. I was too far away to make the situation any better. What was I supposed to do? Yell, "Hey, boys... I know that guy is fat, but that doesn't mean we need to talk about it!" No, I don't think so. Instead, I waited until he was out of earshot then had this discussion with the boys.

Me: "Just because someone looks different, like maybe they are really fat or really skinny or super short or tall, that doesn't mean we need to talk about it. You probably really hurt his feelings saying he couldn't fit through the door."

Adam: "Yeah, and even if someone could fit through a door, we don't need to talk about that either."


Kris said...

Kids crack me up.

The Fife's said...

That gave me a good laugh. I have been in those types of situations before. Hopefully most adults know that kids say the darndest things sometimes, and don't take it personally.

Anonymous said...


Brigham said...

That is hilarious! We really need to get together so that I can see your kids. Its been way too long!

Christopher said...

When one of my nephews was 5 years old he was in line with my sister in the supermarket and noticed the guy in front of them didn't have any arms. He had someone with him that was helping him shop and my nephew became curious. From about three people back in the line my nephew shouts, "Hey mister, How do you wipe your Butt?" Needless to say the man didn't answer and my sister had the most awkward 10 minutes of her life while wating for the two other people in front of her finish checking out. LOL I love kids!

Mecham Family said...

So funny! My kids usually pick out the smokers... "Hey, that guy is smoking..YUCK! They are so naughty!" I think I'm going to get into a fight one day.