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Monday, August 10, 2009

On the Same Page

Kirk and I like to argue about little, unimportant stuff. Well, sometimes we like it. Sometimes, I'm pretty sure we frustrate each other with our equally matched amounts of desire to win. Take Saturday, for example: We got into it with each other in the baking aisle at Walmart while trying to decide how many cups of baking soda are in each box. The box is conveniently labeled 16oz, and he and I both know that there are 8oz in a cup. But, I pointed out, what if it means 16oz as in a pound? I tried arguing that you can't convert between fluid ounces and weight measurements, but somehow he was stuck thinking I was saying that you can't measure liquids and solids with the same measurement. We finally had to drop it in the store, because we weren't getting anywhere but angry. Finally, in the car about a half hour later, we realized where the confusion was and agreed that you can't convert the kind of ounces that measure volume to the kind of ounces that measure weight.

You're now wondering why this matters, right? Well, today is our 8th anniversary, and I've been thinking about our silly little debates. The thing is, that's really the worst it gets at our house. We so rarely argue about anything more important than volume to weight ounce conversions. Why is that? I think its because despite all our differences, when it comes to the stuff that matters, we're on the same page.

I guess I can handle an eternity of debating whether the place where you watch a movie is called a "movie house" or a "theater" and whether its a waste of an word for me to call a non-musical a "straight play." I can deal with knowing we will always have to have the internet in order to solve our little debates about who was in what movie or what a certain word means or the countless other things we find to disagree about. I can continue to try to take the high road and offer Kirk an out when I know I said something a certain way and he knows I said something else. (I'm sorry... I really thought I said it that way, but we must have had some sort of miscommunication...) Because I know at the end of the day, we agree when it comes to religion, education, finances, family, and so much more.

Thanks, honey, for the past 8 years, and I'm looking forward to arguing with you for the rest of our lives. I wonder if the Lord allows arguing in Heaven. I'm not sure you and I could live without it!


Jami said...

This is so cute...and so familiar! IMDb has become mine and David's argument solver on many occasions! Happy Anniversary to you both!

Sarah said...

Good read!
Glad that the you're on the same page for the important things.
Happy Anniversay.

Nene said...

Cute post! Happy 8th!

Tyson and Christy said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Kris said...

Happy Anniversary you guys!