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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


To the untrained eye, this may just look like standard-issue caution tape, warning passersby away from the freshly poured concrete.

But I know better.

I know that yesterday, when the concrete was poured, there was no such tape.

I know that while I was mowing the front yard, a certain five year old somehow managed to wander precisely 4 steps into the still-gooey sidewalk.

I know that the construction workers could barely contain their laughter when said five year old was required to apologize for ruining their hard work.

I know that I'm really annoyed with myself for not returning, camera in hand, to grab a few quick pictures of the four suspiciously size 11 1/2 sinkholes left behind to prove his guilt.  Nor did I take pictures of his concrete-covered school shoes.  Sigh.  Missed opportunity.

I know that I did manage to drive home the seriousness of the situation by suggesting that if I couldn't get the concrete off, he'd have to use the money he's been saving for a video game to buy himself new school shoes, knowing the whole time that the still-wet concrete would wash right off.

I know that if you look closely, you can see a color difference between the newly poured concrete and the old.

I know that today, after the construction workers poured more concrete, they put up caution tape.

It seems that everyone learned a lesson.


Nene said...

When we were young we got to put hand prints and initials in new cement that my dad poured. I would have loved to see those footprints there permanently! Then we would all know it was HIS park we were visiting. LOL!

Unknown said...

haha! Well said! When my husband was little he actually wrote his name in a neighbors concrete job... and then lied about doing it... ha! kids!

(this is Shayla btw)

Evette Mendisabal said...

That's too funny. I would have loved to have seen the look on the workers faces. Priceless! Good for you, I would have made Emma say sorry too.

Have you ever tried making your own concrete stepping stones with the kids hand or foot prints in them? Makes a good Father's Day pressie. ;O)

Mecham Family said...

I don't think it's possible to pour concrete and NOT have footprints in it. We are getting some poured in our yard next week and I'm betting that we'll have more than one set of footprints forever stamped in our yard. It was lucky they caught it and fixed it. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on "passersby." Your English teacher taught you well. Another great post.