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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Leprechaun Day

I don't know about you, but I've yet to hear a single word about St. Patrick's Day.  Around here, we are celebrating Leprechaun Day, complete with anticipation for the Leprechaun parties both kids will be having at school today.

Last year was my first attempt at Leprechaun Day festivity.  Not one much for the minor holidays, I traditionally let it slip with no more acknowledgement than the required bit of green attire.  But for the kids sake I thought I'd  at least slip some green food coloring into the pancakes.  The kids loved it, and I eagerly anticipated this year's Leprechaun Day so we could eat some more leprechaun spit.

Well, those little green men played their dirty tricks and spit in our oatmeal and milk.

The kids were delighted and began jabbering incessantly about the finer points of leprechaun lore.  I quickly grabbed the laptop to jot down the conversation as it happened:

Alex: Leprechauns are nice!
Adam: Yeah, and they always keep their promises.
Alex: And if you don't wear green, they won't tell you where their pot of gold is.
Adam: They also play tricks.
Alex: Oh, also, if you don't wear green, they will pinch you!
Adam: FIVE TIMES! (looking sideways at me...) Really, they will pinch you five times.
Adam: And they're fast like the bat ride. (At Lagoon, I assume.)

After a few minutes of this exchange, I realized everyone was carefully avoiding actually eating the oatmeal.  I tried explaining that leprechaun spit is tasteless, but to no avail.  When I forced Adam to take a bite, he actually gagged and nearly threw up.  I forced one more bite, hoping to win him over, but no go.

So I threw out two full bowls of oatmeal and two full glasses of milk and started over.  I'm still struggling with the wasted food here.

Concerned that the second round of oatmeal would end up equally defiled, the kids carefully guarded the oatmeal from the moment it hit the boiling water until it arrived on their place mats.

We moved past leprechaun spit to talks of trying to trap leprechauns in the raisin bowl and progressed onto  wardrobe choices for the day.

And since getting a good picture of all three at the same time is nearly impossible, I've opted to post a picture of all three looking grouchy.  Adam is trying to refute Alex's claims that Adam hurt him, and Dylan is mad I made him hold still.  Nothing like a picture that captures reality instead of carefully staged smiles, right?  Trust me, I tried for the staged smiles...

Ah, Leprechaun Day, you do truly seem to be full of tricks.


Evette Mendisabal said...

I think I'll stick to the green pancakes, they worked well this year, I even attempted shaping them into shamrocks. I can't say I blame Adam for gagging over the spit in his oatmeal, even the thought of it is a little too much for me. I would have thought boys might like the idea though. You're such a creative Mom. I hope the boys have a great time with their Leprechaun festivities.

Sarah said...

Love them carefully guarding the second pot of oatmeal! No little green thing is getting that batch!

I'm digging the camo pants. That's a manly way to get some green on. For the girls today the best I did was bright Spring green flowers on teeshirts.