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Thursday, October 27, 2011


It's a bit of a buzz word in the teaching world, and in that element, I think I'm pretty good at it.  I get 25 minutes to teach each of my classes, and in that time we generally move from a review or warm up to a new concept and on to a song.  I like to think my transitions are quick and seamless, just a normal part of the routine.

At home, however, I find transitions a lot harder to deal with, and I currently find myself smack dab in the middle of a pretty big one.

We've moved each of our boys downstairs into their own room at age 2.  As the date approached to move Dylan, I started to think about what that really means for our family.  We've never cleared out the "nursery" for any reason other than to welcome a new baby.  This time, we're making room for a guest room.  And while I am confident in our decision to call our family "done," it's been easy to slip into a "this is the last time I'll..." mentality.

I have two pictures of Mary and her son Jesus Christ which hang in the nursery - now guest room.  I bought the first when Adam was an infant.  I felt touched by the scripture, "But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart."  I have changed countless diapers under this gentle reminder of a mother's love.

The second was a gift from my Dad last Christmas.  It was actually intended for my sister, but when my mom unwrapped an identical gift, and I spent several minutes gushing about how much I loved it and how it would look so nice in my nursery (honestly, I was just praising my mom's gift), but parents quietly conferred, switched the tags on two Christmas gifts, and I unwrapped my own copy.  Mary with an Alex-aged Jesus, asleep on her lap.

I feel I'm entering a new phase.  Leaving behind the bearing of the children and focusing on the rearing of the children.  The teaching of the children.  I'm moving forward, but I still find a thing or two which causes me to pause to look over my shoulder.

A tiny hospital band from the day Alex was born.  Adam's favorite stuffed animal from his days in the nursery.  Small blankets and tiny socks put away for the last time. 

Thankfully, when I turn my head forward again, I have plenty to keep my focus.  For example, one little big boy sure does love his new room.

I may not be the best as these major transitions, but they're going to happen whether I like them or not.  Thankfully, there's little time to stop and look backwards when there's so much ahead to enjoy.


Kris said...

I hadn't seen Dylans room yet and I think it looks fantastic! You guys do such a great job with those rooms.

I can't believe you are done having kids. It seems like just yesterday I was meeting you guys for the first time and little Adam was running around the house. Time sure flies!

Sarah said...

Same spot in life! Ty turns two tomorrow...
I definately have the days of "DONE!" and others of a calm "done." and others of a "done?" Mostly I feel good about packing away the sentimental baby stuff...but how crazy that we've already come to that.
I really like your calm understanding that you're looking ahead and ready to rear and teach them.