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Monday, December 5, 2011

Should Be...

I should be using these precious moments to sleep.  I may get little of that this week.  But I'd just be so ungrateful if I didn't take a minute to say thanks for today.

I should be supremely stressed from the day I've had.  But I'm really not.  So many things went "wrong" today, but each time, somebody rallied around me and turned "wrong" into difficult, "difficult" into bearable, and sometimes even "bearable" into fun.

When I found out I'd have no picnic tables for my orphans, the Draper Arts Council sprang to my rescue even accommodating my crazy schedule.

When I found out the truck would be delayed and we'd only have two hours to unload it, several of my high school boys agreed to come help.

When I found out the truck wasn't even on it's way, no one yelled at me for wasting their time.

When my phone died, my wonderful husband drove my charger to me.

When we had to scramble to cancel costume fittings and call a rehearsal instead, Megan made phone calls to every member of the cast.

When I was worried about getting food to eat, Juliet brought me delicious potatoes and cheese.

When I needed that extra something to get me through the night, Skyler braved a shady gas station to get me my favorite fix: plain m&m's.

When I stressed out finding out I'm not allowed to miss class tomorrow night, my mom helped me come up with a plan to accomplish it all.

When I lost my keys - just like I said I would - Madi and Whitney and Greysen and Kylie helped me keep a sense of humor while I looked for - and thankfully found - them.

When I had to keep running rehearsal, Wendy offered my tired kids a ride home.

When I changed the schedule on him again and again and again, Randy Rich showed up at the fairgrounds for the third time today and didn't even blame me.

When I was worried that our stand-in props would now need to serve as the real deal, my dad came and fixed them up for me.

When the orphans were just too much too handle, Marie and Sarah and Shawna stepped in without being asked just to help where help was so obviously needed.

When my chapped lips became too much of a distraction for me to handle, Julie lent me her chapstick.

When I should have felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders, my friends came to my rescue.  I could never have survived a day like today without that incredible network of support.

Tomorrow might not be any better.  So I really should be sleeping.  Thanks in advance to all those who will help me survive the next two weeks.


Sarah said...

Tho unexpected, it is nice to hear the thanks. Turns out you did have a great list of those who stepped up to support. We're all behind you - wanting this to be a calm, successful experience!

See you tonight (with four portable/storable tubs of quiet orphan entertainment). Then...get some sleep! :)

Kris said...

So glad you are surrounded by people who help make life a little easier for you.