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Monday, January 23, 2012

Ninja Skills

Today I'm feeling like I have some serious ninja skills.  And I'm not talking Fruit Ninja... I'll leave that to the little redhead who seems unfairly skilled at that game seeing as how he is only two.

No, today's ninja skills have roots in my childhood.  My mom would buy me pretty dresses with sashes that tied around the waist.  Every Sunday, I'd put on a dress and not be able to find the sash.  Every Sunday, I'd get the same, "Can't you just leave the tie on your dress," lecture.  Every Sunday, I'd think to myself that the answer was probably no.

My mom saw a sash.  I saw SO much more.  Just like when my dad says, "Toss me that hammer."  The untrained eye may see only tape measure, shoe, 2x4, or rock.  But Dad sees a hammer.  Well, in that sash, I always saw the missing piece to whatever project I was working on.

And that's my ninja skill.  I can look at something and see its multiple uses.  I'm awesome at re-purposing, and I'm really good at figuring out a way.  I'm pretty sure I rarely do things using what we like to call the right way, but things get done.

And today that ninja skill came in particularly handy.  On Saturday, Adam and I talked about what kind of cake he might like for his birthday, and we settled on an iPod cake.  Perfect to capture a bit of Adam's current interests, and perfect because cakes come out of the pan in a decidedly iPod-like shape.

As soon as he decided, he quickly made me a screen on his iPod which showcased the apps I was supposed to choose from, and I started to panic.

Crap.  The apps.  How am I going to pull that off?

The right way: If I had the time and money, I'd liked to have bought edible ink and printed it onto fondant transfers.  Oh, and learned to make fondant.

The reality:  No time, no money, and the cake has to be done by tonight.

I thought and thought and...

Ninja skill!

Fruit roll-ups.  I could cut the pieces out of fruit roll-ups.  And I did.

It really didn't take that long.

And it was kind of fun.

And I got to eat the leftover pieces.

Happy Birthday, Adam!  (Tomorrow, really...)


Kris said...

Great job!

Miss Megan said...

That looks adorable and I bet it taste amazing! So clever!

Sarah said...

Way to come up with that! I never would have thought of it. The cake looks great (I notice our current favorite - "Where's my Water?"!), and best part it fits his request!

Nene said...

That is awesome!