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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Letting it Go

I just made a decision.  A pit-in-my-stomach, will-I-regret-this decision.

I'm going to stop building the pages of my kids' scrapbooks from digital scratch.

Why, when I love doing it?  Because I'm two books behind per child, and Alex asks me at least once a week, "Mom, when I am going to get my stree-years-olds book?"  (Someday, we'll learn how to say "three" around here...)

My boys LOVE their books.  They love to sit on the couch side-by-side, pointing out their favorite pictures and telling each other the stories they've heard over and over again.  "Mom, will you read me the racetrack story?" They'll sit for an hour, perusing each page of each book. 

But it's not the carefully custom designed layouts they love!  It's the chance to see their little lives laid out in a two-page spread.  And there are easier ways to do it.

So I see two choices:
  • Let the books go by the wayside in favor of just printing a family blog book, or
  • Continue the books in a way that will allow me to tell their stories and showcase their photos.  Without having to devote several hours a week.
It hurts to give up the design, because I've always loved doing it.  But these books aren't for me anyway.  It's time to get the memories down on paper before I forget the details.  It's time to take the easy way out in order to do what's really important.

It's time to let it go.

{A few layouts that will never make it to print}


Kris said...

When you taught me how to digital scrapbook, I knew I could never keep up with all of the yearly books, especially as our family grew. I decided to do individual books up until they are 5 years old. After that, each child will have a page dedicated to them in our family yearbooks I create.

Our family yearbooks aren't designed by me and are super simple (and quick) to throw together with a bit of typing here and there to explain family vacations and such. It's worked great for me.

Good luck with whatever route you decide to take. Your boys will appreciate the pictures no matter how you put them together.