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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Did I Mention...?

Now that I have a smart phone loaded with all the necessary conveniences like Instagram, I find that I frequently say too little about too much and not nearly enough about anything.  And then, since I've said a little, I never get around to saying much more.  And I certainly can't remember if I actually said anything at all.  Plus, if it never makes it to the blog, then in my world, it kind of never happened, because I won't be able to click back in a year or three and see it there in all its immortalized glory.

So, things that were probably blog-worthy that didn't get their full 3-5 page essay:

  • Dylan is potty trained.  This is huge!  Cliff notes version: I started the work, Kirk finished it, and he even stays dry at night.  I now find myself lost and confused in the face of sticky messes because - for the first time in 102 months, I don't carry wipes.
  • My nine day vacation to Arizona was amazing.  I really will try to the whole essay-and-pictures version eventually, but in the meantime, I thought I should at least state that its greatness equaled the heat.
  • I took a scaredy-cat to Arizona with me and returned with a full-on fish.  Well, a fish with an external flotation device.  Dylan is finally comfortable putting his head under the water and has even managed to turn his belly flop into a respectable jump into the pool.
  • I am now fully healed from my start-of-summer injuries which included strained feet from the last day of school followed by scooter crash followed by GPS/rollerskating debacle.  I have put away all aspirations of being coordinated enough to handle self-propelled devices with wheels and have instead returned to Zumba.
  • It is apparently possible to squirt a bit of Readi-Whip onto the back of your hand and then, using the opposing hand to quickly stop the motion, launch said bit of whipped cream high enough into the air to then catch it in your mouth.  Possible.  But it is much more likely that it will land on your eye.  Or in your hair.  Or on the side of my house, dripping down like bird poop.  
  • Kirk is currently working in Ogden.  That is old news.  So old, in fact, that his stint there is halfway done.  But mentionable, nonetheless.
  • Adam played his first season of competitive baseball, and everyone learned a lot.  Adam learned how to catch and throw much better, and how to get walked to first nearly every at bat despite his parents repeated pleas to swing -- at least once... per season!  We learned how important a good coach is - by not having one.
  • I got to go to Tuacahn for the first time, courtesy of UTBA.  If you didn't read my reviews, you should.  It seems to be the only writing I manage to consistently do these days.  The best part of the trip, by far, was getting to hang out with both my mom and Arlee, which is going to be an awesome combination for this year's Dickens Festival production team.
  • I learned that the capri-length sweats at Rue 21 do not fit me.  I can barely cram my healthy backside into a small, resulting in far too much attention called to what I'll admit is my favorite feature.  But when I put on a medium, the cuff that is supposed to stop just below the knee hangs literally all the way to my ankles.  So disappointing, since I had wanted to get a matching pair with Arlee.
  • I miss my niece and nephew terribly.  Michelle took Princess Ty off to Idaho for the past month, and John lives in Georgia fairly permanently (his parents insist that he not vacation in Utah for the summer).  It turns out babies are way more fun when their poop isn't your responsibility.
  • I've pretty much sworn off the blow dryer for the summer, and my hair is loving it.  I also learned a new curling iron technique that has my hair feeling healthier than it ever has.  Probably not blog-worthy to others, but something I've been excited about lately.
  • Dylan is talking a LOT more than he used to, and he's developed the most adorable speech patterns.  Right now, he's speaking in long, beautiful, complete sentences to which he adds a barely perceptible "ng" sound between most words.  Hard to spell out, but imagine phrases like "Put mine-ng-jammies on?" "I'm not pulling yours-ng-hairs!"  

Must. Blog. More.

Playing a Steinway at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix