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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ahead of the Rumors

Last Saturday night, everything in the Fife house was status quo.  Until I suddenly had an idea.  It took several conversations with friends, family, and professionals to turn last Saturday's idea into this Saturday's reality.  It all moved far too quickly for me, but as Kirk reminded me, sometimes that's the way the right decisions go.

This Saturday night, our couches are in the garage.  And though I'm trying much harder to keep it closed these days, someone is bound to notice.

Plus, if I answer my front door, the guests will immediately see this:

Most of our main floor wall hangings

So I figured before we head to church tomorrow, I might as well just say it...

We're moving.

Well, sorta.

We're going to be building.  In the meantime, we're turning our home over to its new residents (Skye, Michelle, and Tyler) and moving ourselves in as guests in their basement.

Moving Adam into Alex's room (We'll be sleeping in Adam's room)
The optimistic projections indicate six months of blissful cohabitation.  The realistic projections indicate peacefully crowded living spaces.  The pessimistic projections are very concerned about Andrea sharing a bathroom with four boys.

I don't have a ton of information to share about the new house yet.  We've selected a pretty-sure floor plan and a few prospective lots, and we've gotten ourselves a killer agent (seriously, she scares me a bit).  But don't schedule the good-riddance party yet, Hunter 4th Ward.  We're only considering the 14 available lots within the ward boundaries.  You'll never get rid of us!  (Mwa-ha-ha-ha...)

What may be a small step in actual steps is going to be a HUGE leap for our little family.  A larger floor plan.  A starting over.  Another unfinished basement.  Another unfinished yard.  But we're excited to put all we've learned in the last 9 years of home ownership to use as we try to at least make new mistakes the second time around.

I'll try not to let the blog become a new-house-a-thon, though building one or two streets over from our current house is going to make us the most annoying home buyers ever.  I foresee plenty of walks as we take the boys to go check out what has already been dubbed "our big house" by the littles.

I am also excited to see the home we've loved for so long be the home to Princess Ty and her soon-to-be little brother.  I hope they'll love it here as much as we have!

Aack!  Now that I've announced it on the blog, it's really real.  Who knows what next Saturday will hold!


Kris said...

How exciting! Can't wait to watch your new home get built right along with you all!