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Friday, December 20, 2013

Not Gutsy Enough

It's true: I am not quite gutsy enough to post this on Facebook.  My own opinion isn't solid enough to withstand the potential criticism of zealous acquaintances, nor are my personal thoughts intended to be kindling for debate. 

So I am posting here.  Where my friends know where to find my personal thoughts, and where - I hope - I can reflect peacefully.

As so many songs of the season suggest, we're supposed to be headed into some of the happiest days the year has to offer.  And with the recent news that gay marriage has been legalized in Utah, it seems to be extra true.  Me personally, well, I don't think the government should have a say in marriage.  So that makes any other pros and cons moot.  But my feelings today are simple:

How could something that makes so many good people happy be a bad thing?

Yes, I happen to faithfully practice a religion which teaches a tiered postmortal existence, the highest level of which is attainable only by adhering to some pretty specific guidelines.  I've chosen to adhere.  But I've also been taught that all the tiers are pretty great, and that the people in them all get to participate in eternal life.

Yes, I want my friends to get a shot at the box seats in the top tier.  That would be awesome.  But that's not my choice.  Plus, lots of them don't buy into my religious beliefs anyway.  So it seems a bit obnoxious of me to try to force them into a seat they don't want.

What I would really like to see is my friends getting a chance to exercise their agency to weigh their options and make the choices they think will bring the most happiness.  If they've found someone that makes then happy, then I think they should commit, marry, and build a life together. 

Does today's announcement make me happy?  Meh.  It doesn't affect me directly, so I was initially pretty apathetic.

But today's announcement seems to make so many other people happy - and for a good reason - that I can't seem to ignore the added holiday cheer. 

Congratulations to all those who are able to make a legal commitment of marriage today.

I am happy for you.


Kris said...

We had a discussion on this very topic during Sunday school this last Sunday. Somebody made the comment that the world (and in my personal opinion Satan as he wants to destroy what's most important which is the family) is doing a great job of making people believe that it's okay to marry because they are in love and love is a great thing not a bad thing. She then said this, "Sure. We are taught to love all and we should. We should love everyone and it's okay to love everyone. But, as it says in The Family, A Proclamation to the World, marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God."