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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mission Accomplished

Starting at the very back of the line

 Only crazy people get up at 5 am to go run 3.2 miles with a 4 kids for the simple sake of helping Adam, Alex, and D earn their "fun run" Unplugged badge. Apparently, Brett, Lisa and I have joined that loony club. While technically we were only a few of the many lined up to run, our group boasted the youngest registered runner of the day (Dylan) and the youngest baby we saw in a stroller.

We spent the week leading up to the race doing training walks and harbored no misconceptions about how the day would go.  Our goals were simple: 1) walk and 2) finish.  Based on the 2.5 miles we did in about an hour on Wednesday, we hoped to be done in under 90 minutes. And we hoped Great Grandpa Casdorph would serve us bacon when we showed up at his house for our post - race breakfast.

We also hoped to see some familiar sights, having chosen a race at Kiwanis Park, home of the famous (on my blog, at least) playground camel. We got more than we dared hope for on the trail: a trip past the ducks, the camel, and even Great Gr&Gr's old house on College Ave.

The kids had pretty good attitudes during most of the distance, though Al complained of a side ache. D probably walked 3 or the 3.2 miles on his own two feet, spelled off by one brief piggyback ride before the mile 2 marker.  He even jogged on his own across the finish line. Our troop finished dead last at about 70 minutes, a full 20 minutes faster than I had really dared hope for.

And there was bacon at Grandpa's.

Mission accomplished.

Finished! 1 hour 10 minues