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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Are We Friends

I love to sort through my blog drafts and find half-written gems I can finish.  I especially love the super random kind that make me wonder, "Where was I even going with that...?"  It is in that spirit of generally questioning my own sanity that I bring you a quiz I wrote in January. 
1 point for each of my siblings that you can name
2 point for each of the Casdorphs you have met
5 points if you know what Casdorph means
5 points if you can tell a funny story about Charlie
5 points if you have played games at my house
10 points if I have played at yours
5 points if you have been awkwardly hugged by Kirk
10 points if you don't think it's awkward
5 points for every time you have seen me cry
10 points if we hug regularly
1 point for every show
    We were in together
    You saw me in (or that I directed)
    I saw you in
    Or a member of your immediate family was in with me
10 points if you can name one of my favorite authors (James Dashner isn't one, btw)
1 point for every time you brought me food
And... go.


Kenedijs said...

It's a rough estimate, but I have 80.