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Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Time

Now that Thanksgiving is over the Christmas season is in full swing. Andrea couldn't be more happy. The first thing she wanted to do when we woke up on Thanksgiving morning is set up the Christmas tree. So I went downstairs and brought the tree up and the stuff to decorate the tree. I put the tree up and let Andrea do her thing. Adam was cute cause he was helping. He would hang the ornaments up in groups because they couldn't be alone, they needed a friend. The tree looks beautiful and it really just brightens the room, in fact Adam gave the tree a hug and kiss when we got home that night. Adam is now starting to get the concept of Christmas and keeps asking if it is Christmas yet. Unfortunately he doesn't understand time. So we, and by we I mean Andrea, made a paper chain that will countdown to Christmas. I can't wait until Christmas morning when we get to watch Adam opens his gifts. I am not kidding when I say I would be perfectly happy not getting a thing and just watching Adam and Alex open their gifts. I hope everyone has a good holiday season and Merry Christmas.