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Monday, November 5, 2007


He are some random thoughts about how my Halloween was with Adam.

So I took Adam around the neighborhood to go trick or treating this past Halloween. It was a lot fun. Adam would go up to the door and I would ring the door bell and when the person would answer the door he would say "Halloween." I would tell him to say trick or treat and he would but most of the time the people would laugh when they opened the door, which would earn him an extra piece of candy cause they thought he was soooo cute. One house we got to the guy was out setting up more scary lights, and sounds. Adam saw him when we were walking up the driveway and Adam turned to the guy and said "We are going to your house now." The guy laughed and said are you which Adam replied yeah, Halloween. If we ever got to a house with the porch light off or they didn't answer within a minute Adam would say lets go to the next one. One thing he would do that scored me some candy is he would take a piece and then say "My daddy needs one." So I got a little bit of candy. I can tell you one thing I do not look forward to when he is too big for me to go out with him. At least I have Alex and the kid(s) not born yet to make that time a little longer but kids grow up too fast.