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Monday, October 27, 2008

Gorgeous Pics

Thanks, Jami, for these gorgeous pics of my family. About a week ago, we headed up to Wheeler Farm, and Jami took these pics for us. My kids were a total pain (par for the course for photo sessions), but she handled it well and got all these great shots. Check them out on here photography site:

I think she's still offering free sessions to help increase her portfolio, so have her take some pics, and then have me make a flip book to give as Christmas gifts!


Jay said...

pics look great I'll have to pass that on to Raini's fam they are wanting to do family pics.

Amelia said...

Andrea - those pictures are amazing!!!! I love the pic where you are all standing and you can only see the boys!! How cute! What a beautiful family!

Kris said...

She did a fabulous job on those pictures! I'm glad you guys were able to get some more family photos.

Martha Belle Schultz said...

LOVE the family pix . Ours were supposed to be Sat. but our photographer's mom had a stroke . I love family pictures . Oh by the way I can't come on Saturday :( . I have a metting and then I am training on facials . I wish I could be there . I did look at your work on your other blog , love your work !