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Monday, October 6, 2008


I've heard more than once that the joy of motherhood comes in moments. Lately, Alex's overwhelming grouchiness (we're blaming it on teething) has been more than I can handle, and I've felt such a need to really be able to enjoy him again. I decided to dump the pics from my camera to the computer and realized that despite what has seemed like a terrible couple of weeks with him, there have been more beautiful moments than I could ever ask for. I post these today for you to enjoy, but more importantly as a reminder to me of the beautiful boy that is my son, Alex.

Alex in the dryer:

Alex in the laundry basket:

Alex asleep in his crib (we recently took the front off):
Alex at Adam's soccer game... just cheesin' it:
Alex trying to PLAY at Adam's soccer game:
Alex and his Grandma Casdorph at the piano:


Kris said...

Love the pictures!

Julie said...

k- the one in the dryer is hilarious! I hope you guys are doing great!

Martha Belle Schultz said...

He is getting so big and cute !

Fountaine's said...
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Nene said...

I had been having drama with Bryce a while back and went to write a post about how much he was driving me crazy and ended up writing one about how much joy he brings to my life. He is still a handful but I love him to pieces. The picture in the dryer is my favorite! Too cute!