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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Little Bit of Disneyland

Rather than bombard you all with a post way too long to read, I'll just post one or two favorite moments from our trip today and save more for another day. If you do want to check out all the pictures, though:

Let's start today with the mishaps. Since our last name is Fife, I thought it would be fun to get a picture of everybody in front of the California "F" and use it as a title page when I scrapbook this trip. So we get all arranged, and I ask some stranger to take our picture. I would have thought I didn't need to specify to get the "F" in the picture. Guess I was wrong.

Later, on the way to Sea World, we got to see the San Diego temple from the freeway. I thought it was pretty, and I wanted to get a picture. Kirk rolled down the window for me, and I had my arms extended through the window to try to get a picture looking back at the temple. All the sudden, the window started rolling up and squishing my arms. I almost dropped the camera! Apparently, Kirk thought since we'd driven past, that I was done. I gave him crap about it for the rest of the trip. Ah, memories.


Rebecca and Nick said...

But it's still a gorgeous picture of that temple! I love it.