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Saturday, June 27, 2009


A major highlight of SeaWorld was Shamu. The kids were so excited to see Shamu, and they were not disappointed. I went to the show early to get them good seats in the soak zone (after which, I retreated up to the dry zone because I hate being wet). Kirk and the boys sat on the 2nd row, right above the shallow part of the pool where Shamu slides up to pose. They thought it was pretty cool to see him up so close.

Then the splashing started.
Adam's reaction to the first splash: "Ha, ha, ha... I barely even got wet!"
2nd splash: "Ha, ha, ha... He got me that time!"

3rd splash: "Umm..."
4th splash: "I don't want to get wet anymore!"

I took a picture of them up on the big screen, but sadly it didn't turn out. I've pointed a big arrow to Alex. Kirk is behind him, because when Shamu started splashing, he used Alex as a shield!