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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An Abstract Concept

A baby in mommy's belly is a pretty abstract concept for my two little boys. Heck, it's a pretty abstract concept for me sometimes. Adam definately gets it a little better this time around, and he'll even come say "Hi" to his new little brother and tell him stories. On the other hand, here's yesterday's conversation with Alex:

Alex: (with questioning look on his face) Where yo fabelly?

Alex is sitting on my lap facing me. I slouch down in the chair so he can see my "fat belly" a little better.

Alex: (still with the questioning look) Baby in there?

Me: Yep. Your baby brother is in there.

Alex: (leaning down to place his ear on my "fabelly") I hear baby!

Me: Really? What's he saying?

Alex: We go park.


Steph said...

Too cute! Mom..he totally gets it, don't you think if the baby says will do it?? I can only imagine how weird it is for kids to have mommy be prego!! Crazy!

Sarah said...

HEHE. Sounds like conversations around our place lately! And, I could just hear my Paige using the baby's "voice" as a way to the park!!

And, I agree, the whole baby inside thing is a VERY abstract idea...