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Monday, July 20, 2009

Cowabunga Bay

There's a pretty cool new water park in Draper called Cowabunga Bay. For those of you in Utah, it's the one you can see off I-15 when you're heading to Draper. You've probably noticed the big huge bucket that dumps water every-so-often? If not, here's a picture... On the back side of all the slides, there is a similar bucket. This one is orange and just slightly smaller. The effect is pretty much the same.


On Saturday, we took the boys there for about 4 hours of fun. Alex and I were waiting patiently at the bottom of a waterslide so we could see Daddy and Adam come out. I did not want to miss Adam's reaction, so I was pretty focused on the task at hand. Just as I saw Adam and Daddy shoot out, I turned to Alex to make sure he was seeing it, too.


I was blasted by an emptying bucket. I had NO IDEA that I was even standing underneath where one dumped. I had apparently ignored the warning bells, too.

1st reaction: Check the swimsuit for modesty. The water pressure from the dumping bucket was unbelievable, so I figured I'd better make sure everything was still in its proper place.

2nd reaction: Check for the toddler. I was sure he'd be lying on the ground, pummeled by the water pressure. My mommy instincts were in panic mode, worried crazy about my little guy. Until I realized he was apparently aware that we were under the bucket. He apparently listened to the warning bell. He had ditched his unsuspecting Mommy and was a good 10 feet away from the action, just staring at me.

I went to go get him as Kirk and Adam were on their way over from the water slide. Kirk bent over to pick up a stray pair of sunglasses, which I realized were mine and apparently had been knocked off my face by the water.

Good times. I still can't believe Alex ditched me.


Nene said...

So I've heard conflicting thoughts about this place. Overpriced, lame, fun for younger kids, can't bring your own water in, etc. What did you think of it as far as what you paid? Was it worth it?

Andrea said...

We had a really good time, but we could have had just as much fun at the West Valley Fitness Center's outdoor pool, and for a quarter of the price. It cost over $40 to get our family in, and Alex was free. So, yeah, pretty pricey. We hated that we couldn't bring in our own water and food, cuz we were pretty starving and thirsty by the end of our time there. I think the ideal age for this park is probably about 6 to 14. My kids were a little young to enjoy everything, and I don't think the slides would be exciting enough to entertain an older crowd. For our family right now, I wouldn't go again.

Julie said...

we saw this place off the freeway while we were in Salt Lake and it looked awesome!

Tyson and Christy said...

That is so funny that Alex ditched you! He is one smart little boy!

Rebecca and Nick said...

Oh, that is too funny! Smart little boy, though. Last time we were in Utah, Owen saw it and wanted to go pretty bad. We promised to take him when we come back up in august, but I might have to rethink that! He can be a little wimpy when it comes to things like that. But it does look very cool.

Amelia said...

That was such a great story!! I hope everything was in its right place for you :)

Sorry you had to do that 4 hour glucose test - SO DID I! Such a pain and I was so hungry!