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Monday, April 26, 2010

2:52 a.m.

In the dead of night, I awake to a screaming baby.  Sadly, this is not atypical.  I drag my drowsy self out of bed and across the hall for what should be a standard "binky replacement" mission.  As I approach the crib, I think to myself that Dylan's screaming is a little more intense than the normal lost-my-binky cry.  Sure enough, as I peer over the edge, I am met with a not-so-standard sight.

Dylan rolls over easily from back to front and front to back.  He rolls several times per night.  But apparently, this time when he tries to roll (presumably back to front), he is too close to the side of the crib.  He is stuck on his side, face pressed to crib bumpers, little legs flailing, trying desperately to complete the roll-over.  He looks like a fly on its back, spinning in fruitless circles.

I laugh.

I pull him to the center of the crib and help him get comfortable. I replace the must-have binky.  I think of him stuck there, flailing helplessly.

I laugh again.

Why is this funny to me? 

I'm going to go with sleep deprivation.


Rebecca and Nick said...

I would probably laugh too. Teslyn doesn't like to be on her tummy much, so she doesn't roll at all at night. Yet.

Sarah said...

Sounds like our parts...the "need-to-have binkie" (dang it), the middle-of-the-night replacements, and the newly found rolling. However, Tyler only goes one way. Back to belly. So his screams are interpreted as: "HELP! I can't get back." Ugh. Immobile a bit longer would be good. :)

Nene said...

Definitely sleep deprivation! :)

Case Family said...

It's not sleep deprivation, It's just funny!

Anonymous said...

Yes, funny, but I have a different perspective as an old lady-nearing-grandma realm...HOLY FREAK! That kid could have SUFFOCATED! It is really hard to be me. Truly.