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Monday, April 5, 2010

What a Week

I spent this past week in Boise, Idaho hanging out with the good people of Starlight Mountain Theatre.  They asked me to come up and be the music director for their spring break production of High School Musical 2 Jr.  Basically this means that on Monday morning, I met 70 kids between the ages of 5 and 18, and in 6 days they learned all the music, choreography, lines, and blocking for the entire show and performed on Saturday night.  Crazy?  Yes.

Even more fun than hanging out with loads of teenagers who share my same passion for musical theater, however, was getting to spend the evenings with my grandparents who live in Boise.  My kids had a great time getting to know "Nana and Papa" (see below for a story about that), and Aunt Tammy.  We packed the week full of fun and then drove back home on Easter morning so we didn't miss any festivities.  Here's our quick week in review.

The kids and some cousins who were in town from Florida all piled on Grandpa's lap.

The cast of High School Musical 2 (approximately 70 kids)

Coloring Easter Eggs with my Aunt Tammy (Tammy is handicapped but lives in an apartment within my grandparents' house with the assistance of around-the-clock nursing staff.)
Spoiled Rotten!  Grandma and Grandpa kept bringing home gifts for the kids.
Happy Easter at the Fife house.  All 10 grandkids!

Our family (minus Dylan) with the Wayts family.  Kirk baptized Tabitha (the mom) when he was on his mission.  They were in town for Conference, and we were able to spend our Easter dinner with them at my parents' house.

And now for the "Nana and Papa" sidenote for anyone still reading...

Almost all of my cousins (I have 40) call Grandma and Grandpa Nelson "Nana" and "Papa."  In my family, we never have.  But since my kids are so blessed to have so many living grandparents, it sometimes gets confusing to keep them all straight.  I thought maybe if we start calling them "Nana" and "Papa" it would give them their own little place in the kids' minds. 

I tried.

I can't do it!

It just feels like baby talk to me.  (I'm guessing this is why in my family we always called them "Grandma" and "Grandpa.")

So "Grandma and Grandpa Nelson" they shall remain.


Anonymous said...

Ron's parents have always been Nana and Papa. It's been great to keep them separate so we know who's talking about whom. To that end, for about ten years now I've been on a quest for my "Grandma" name (to no avail :( ). I can't be Nana - that's my mil. Other options have yet to grab me. The closest? Gigi. Seriously. This is the type of stuff I think about.