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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Too Cute to Skip

Here I sit, carefully "filing" all my digital pictures so I won't miss a single precious moment when I put together each of the kids' year-in-review scrapbooks.  As I noticed how many cute pictures I was filing away without so much as a 2-day spotlight on my blog (and then reflecting on how word-heavy my blog has been lately), I decided to bring you these special moments:

Adam came to tell me he had a loose tooth.  Whatever.  I attempted to wiggle the tooth he'd indicated.  No movement.  Kirk thought maybe I'd tried the wrong one.  I wiggled the adjacent tooth.  Yep.  He really does have a loose tooth.  Hm.  I don't think I'm ready for him to be that old! 

Alex recently turned three, and part of his "Thomas the Train" birthday cake was decorated with black frosting.  Which Alex used as mascara.  Yep.

It's not often that the pets make the blog, but here is our cat, Roxie, stealing the left-over paper from my primary cut outs.  I tried to take it from her, and she scratched me with her hind claws.

And finally, this is not what I expected to see when I opened the door to check on a supposedly sleeping baby.  Thankfully, Dylan is learning to entertain himself for small stretches of time.  I call these moments: heaven.


coryshay said...

so cute! Love the "mascara" :)