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Friday, March 19, 2010

Nothing to Hate

I recently had the opportunity to attend a meeting in a gorgeously decorated home.  I paid little attention to anything that was said, because I was so busy looking around me.  I finally decided it wasn't that I loved any particular one thing; I was just a fan of the whole concept.

Each room was decorated with no more than 3 colors, and these three colors were used in large spans of solid color.  I loved that.  It didn't hurt that the colors were some of my favorites like chocolate brown and slate.  Mmm... love me some dark neutrals!

What really struck me most, however, was the "artwork."  I have the hardest time finding anything to hang on my walls, because I can never find anything that I like enough to put it out there as a representation of me. 

My favorite piece in this gorgeous house?  A big, white, plain rectangle hung on the wall. 

What does it say about how picky and opinionated I am if all I am capable of loving is a plain white rectangle?

And then I finally discovered the secret to finding pieces for my own home.  I am going to stop looking for things that give me something to love and start looking for things that give me nothing to hate.


Unknown said...

well said. And what a great idea with the rectangle. I've often thought about getting different sizes of canvas at the craft store and just painting them in solid colors of the room that I'm in and hanging them. I"m thinking of doing a trio over our headboard actually. But obviously thinking is as far as its' gone

Unknown said...

ps that was shayla...hubby was logged in