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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good "Nideas"

I thought about taking the time to come up with clever transitions from one section of this blog to the next.  Then I thought, "Nah.  I'll just number them."  So here we go:

[1]     Adam has always talked very well, and so there's a little part of me that chooses not to correct him on the few words he says wrong.  I know it's wrong, but I think it's cute.  He never has ideas.  He has "nideas."  And we don't eat tuna.  It's "batuna." 

[2]     The scene: our boys and their live-in cousins are playing downstairs.

Kaleb: (to Alex) I'm going to sit on your head!
Alex: That's not a good idea.
Kaleb: I'm gonna do it... I'm gonna sit on your head.
Alex: (more agitated this time) That's not a good idea!
Alex: (crying)
Kirk: You'd better not be sitting on him!
Alex: (silence)

[3]     Here are a few good ideas I've heard, liked, and maybe even adopted recently:
  • For those of you with private blogs: set up a second, public blog where you can post a link to your updates.  That way, those of us who like to blog stalk you can do it a little easier.
  • Use your blog to document your personal history.  A friend of mine posts a weekly journal-type entry that serves as her personal history.  I liked the idea and set up a separate blog for just this.  I had started a personal history project several years ago, but just couldn't keep up with it by hand.  Doing it online fits my personality, and I'll also have the ability to get it printed into a book if I ever decide to do that.  Check mine out here:, but don't feel obligated to blog stalk it.  This one is mostly just for me.
  • Change your blogger settings to the new editor.  If you haven't done it... DO IT!  The picture uploading is a million times better.  (Go to settings and scroll down.  It's under "global settings.")
  • Learn to do one thing that you would normally pay someone else to do.  This is what I chose to get out of February's visiting teaching message (instead of just the standard "get out of debt").  Any ideas what I can learn to do? 
  • Keep the Friend magazine on hand for a last-minute FHE.  We were recently taught in Stake Conference that consistency is just as important as content.  Even if you don't have time to do it well, at least do it.
  • Show up, shut up, and get it done.  Have you heard the Dodge Ram commercial on the radio?  It explains that sometimes all the focus is on conservation and reducing your footprint.  The commerical asks, "But what about those of us who build stuff?"  It goes on to explain that, "Sometimes responsibility is more than just buying lightbulbs that look like curly fries.  Responsibility means you show up, shut up, and get it done."  I'm trying to adopt this philosophy in my life by eliminating some of the fluff.  All I really need to do is show up, shut up, and get it done.


coryshay said...

Such great tips. I especially love the Show up, shut up, and get it done. Reminds me of my grandparents generation.