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Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Bad Memory

"The advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first time." ~Friedrich Nietzsche
My mom is a school teacher, and she recently asked me if I ever hear a story from history and think, "Wow.  I know I must have learned that before, but I swear it doesn't even sound vaguely familiar." 

I tried to explain to her that not only have I had that happen once or twice.  To me, that happens always

I tried to explain to her that I can read a book and thoroughly love it but not be able to tell you even the main points of the plot as little as a week or two later.

I can see a movie that I've already seen and wonder the entire way through how it is going to end.

I can watch a commercial, tell Kirk how funny it was, then see the same commercial again on another day, and again... tell Kirk how funny it was.  He tells me I've seen it before and said that before.  And neither rings a bell for me.

But I truly do not believe this is a bad thing, and I've actually commented before that it is so fun to be me, because I get to be happy about the same things over and over again. 

Apparently Friedrich Nietzsche agrees.


coryshay said...

lol... my mom watched this really suspenseful movie all the way through and then after the climax said, wow I didn't know it would end that way! (my dad was over in the corner chuckling because they had just watched it a few weeks ago together) I think it's in my blood too!

Rebecca and Nick said...

Sounds like me too! I even ask Nick a question, he will answer, then I will ask it again a few minutes later. I must not be paying attention when he answers me, or think that I only thought the question, and not actually said it out loud?

Anonymous said...

This gives me great comfort. Great comfort indeed.