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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Book Review - Best

A good book entertains, provokes thought, or provides a new perspective.

A great book changes you.

My dad recommended Flags of our Fathers, by James Bradley. He warned me that it may not be the type of book I could just sit and read straight through. Thanks to all the battle descriptions, he was right. It was too much for a quick read. Thankfully, however, I took the necessary time to get through it, and finished during the patriotic month of July. Since I have an incredibly short term memory, I was curious what my review on GoodReads had to say:
"This book had amazing insight into the history of WWII, specifically the war in the Pacific. I am a better American for having read this book."
Yep. That was pretty much accurate. I read 38 books last year, almost all of which entertained me on some level. From some, I even learned a little something. But this one changed me.


coryshay said...

Such a great book review!! I'm so glad you did this, too. I am getting to the point where I won't read a book unless someone I know and trust recommended it, because I"ve just read too many bad books just by reading reviews.

I definitely am going to have to read this Faith of our Fathers. And I have to tell you that I totally agree on the Leven Thumps series. It just felt waaaaaaay to familiar, and at the same time, so far out there I had trouble remembering what the different characters were, and following some of the descriptions.

I also had to laugh at your comments about not wanting to like something because everyone else likes it... that was me to a "T". So I'll have to check out Jodi Picoult. I have not read one word she has written so I'll check out 19 minutes first, I think. And I also really loved Dr. Laura's book. A girl in our book club told me that if I liked the husbands one, I should read the marriage one because it does some great follow up on the first book and some of the couples in it.

Thanks so much for the great review and suggestions on books. I've written some of these down for my "to read" list.