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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What a Kid!

Adam's birthday was on Sunday, and to celebrate, we had some family over for cake and icecream. On Monday, I took him to get some updated pictures done. Can I just brag a bit and say that I really don't think he could possibly be more handsome?! Gorgeous dark hair. Beautiful green eyes. Eyelashes to die for. And that smile? I'm just floored every time I look at him.

Even more amazing than his looks, though, is his amazing personality. Here are a few of his best moments recently:
  • As I was busy decorating his cake (and frustrated because it wasn't perfect), he came over to check it out. "Mom, you're doing great! I think it looks wonderful."
  • As I was working out, he looked at me and exclaimed, "Mom! Your fat is gone!"
  • Whenever Alex asks if he can sleep with "Brudder," Adam is always willing to scoot over and share his bed.
  • Adam is always willing to help feed, hold, and entertain his "Pickle." (That's what we call Dylan. Dill pickle. Get it?)
  • Adam loves to learn. He is quick to answer questions in Primary, and he loves to play learning games in the car. Right now his favorite is adding.

There is so much more, but Dylan is screaming, so I've got to wrap this up.

Take a peek at Adam's baseball themed cake assortment this year. Thanks, also, to Adam for picking an easy cake. Mom couldn't have handled much more. We did a large baseball mit, a large baseball, and cupcake sized replicas.

Happy Birthday to the best big brother ever.


Kris said...

Happy Birthday Adam! You are getting so big!

Anonymous said...

So so sweet. What a nice "forever" tribute to your son. Sadly, I was awful at recording stuff as my boys grew up. This is where blogging rocks :)

PS You might want to be a little careful with the "loves to hold his pickle" nickname. Just sayin'. :)