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Sunday, January 3, 2010

NINE Bakugans

These really awesome toys start out as a sphere but when you touch them on the metal cards they come with, they pop out to be various little warrior guys. Santa brought each of our boys one Bakugan. Adam lost that one, but got two more from his cousin. With his Christmas money from two great-grandmas, he bought acquired five more Bakugans and a carrying case. Alex also added a new Bakugan and case to his little collection. That brings our current collection to 9, but I anticipate it growing rapidly! ( had the starter pack with 3 Bakugans for only $6, which is an amazing price. Don't tell my boys, but I've already ordered a pack for each of them for their upcoming birthdays.)


Sarah said...

Not only have I never seen those...but am certain I'm even pronouncing the name wrong, too! I have alot to learn in the boy department!!