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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well That Explains It

I can't seem to remember anything. In fact, I thought of the concept for this particular blog entry on Friday, and it has taken me until today to actually remember to sit down and write it. I forget items at the store. I have lost my Sinclair gas card several times over the past few months. (Currently missing, by the way.) I don't return calls; I leave things everywhere I go. (Also missing a really cute, fold up diaper bag/changing pad that I used to use for Alex... has anyone seen it?) As I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent person, this has been incredibly frustrating for me, but I have finally at least found an explanation.

On Friday, I packed up my two youngest children and sent them off to Idaho for the weekend with my mom. (She was taking them with her to visit my grandparents.) I packed all the essential items and started giving her the 411 on the kids. "Dylan has started rolling front to back a lot, but he almost always rolls over his left shoulder. So be careful where you put him." "If Alex starts to cough and can't seem to stop, his asthma is acting up. Make him hold still for awhile." "Dylan will generally stay awake for an hour and a half." "If Dylan wakes up crying, give him his binky. If he cries again within 15 minutes, he is hungry." "Alex will sleep better if he has a snack before bed."

After a few minutes of this, I realized exactly where my memory has gone. It is now completely full of information about my kids. My mental sponge is dripping with said information, and it simply cannot soak up another ounce. So when I need to remember that Dylan needs to take his antibiotic daily, that means I have to forget that I promised my mom I'd make flyers for her upcoming show. When I try to hold on to the memory of a first giggle, I leave the book my dad lent me sitting on his counter. Again.

Unfortunately, I think this problem is irreversible! How do I know this? Well, I know that my mom could tell you the favorite foods and food aversions of all of her children AND her sons-in-law. (Or is it son-in-laws? Hm.) But I also know that my mom can NEVER find her keys.

I think I'm doomed.


Unknown said...

I hear you. I only have one and I feel that way. In fact when I was pregnant with her, I lost 2 ipods... 2! And I am normally very put together so it was more irritating than the money lost.

Unknown said...

ps. that was shayla

Anonymous said...

I had a pediatrician who once said that mothers lose brain cells through their breast milk. I mentioned this to one of my friends and she said, in all sincerity, "REALLY??" I thought,'ve nursed too many kids :) Some people are so gullible :)

Btw - it's sons-in-law. FYI. Few get that right :)