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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Stars Have Aligned

I got my kids a "craft box" for Christmas, full of construction paper, stencils, glue, etc. and intended to pull it out at least once a week for some fun time together. Hasn't happened yet. Either the baby is awake, or I know he's about to wake up. Or it's too close to lunch. Or I haven't even had time for a shower. Or, or, or.

Today, the stars finally aligned. Baby sleeping, mom showered, AND still two hours until lunch. I did a quick internet search for a fun wintery idea, grabbed the box and the kids, and got to work. The craft was easy, fun, and a little messy... perfect for little boys!

And who knew cleaning up would be half the fun?!


Kris said...

An old roommate of mine does craft day almost everyday with her kids. I know...amazing! She'll do fun things like read the gingerbread story to her kids and then they'll make gingerbread cookies. I plan on doing lots of fun activities once Brielle gets older.