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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Book Review - Author

I hate being super trendy. I prefer to be just on the cusp, enjoying something popular but generally unknown. I hate loving Wicked because everyone loves Wicked. I really badly want one of those cute, chunky, beaded watches but won't wear one because they are everywhere.

Well, I totally missed that boat with this year's favorite author.

But so what if you were all reading Jodi Picoult before I even realized she existed. So what if they've already made movies from her books (albeit destroying them). I read four Jodi Picoult books this year, and loved every single one.

So here's my two cents on this already popular author and a few of her books. I just copied and pasted my GoodReads reviews (which I write only for my own benefit so I can remember what I liked and didn't like). If you haven't picked one up yet, do.

Perfect Match
I really enjoyed this book, especially because it caught me by surprise several times. I wish I'd read it before 19 Minutes, though, since one of the characters builds in 19 Minutes.
Nineteen Minutes
What I loved most about this book was that I could put it down. The story was told in a way that was compelling, but could be bitten off in bite-sized chunks that could fit in here and there while I was still meeting the requirements of being a good mother. I loved the character development as well as the twist at the end. My only caution to other readers would be the use of the f-word which appeared more frequently than I would prefer.
Handle with Care
Not my favorite Jodi Picoult. I found this book slow and redundant, and after reading several Picoult books, I thought the main character Charlotte was "typical" Picoult. However, the concept of the book was thought provoking, and the ending (as always) came as a surprise. I'll continue reading her books, but I may take a bit of a Picoult break so I can thoroughly enjoy the next one I pick up.
The Tenth Circle
The prologue of this book was probably the best I've ever read, and the book nearly lived up to it. I was suprised at what I figured out and what I didn't, but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.


Sarah said...

Love the first paragraph of this. I'd have to to find a lesser known GREAT book/author. So, keep your finds coming!