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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Book Review - Worth Mentioning

I read three books this year which I thought deserved to be mentioned further.

Because it disappointed me: Noughts and Crosses
After reading the back of this book, I was so excited to read about a "new" society separated into noughts and crosses. Sadly, this book was a bit of a disappointment in that it was nothing new... it was simply a thinly veiled representation of African American history in America. I would have enjoyed actual historical fiction representing the civil rights movement much more than this "new" story which truly brought nothing new at all.

Because it provoked discussion: Testimony
A couple of years ago, Kirk and I made a joint decision to not watch R rated movies. This is really hard for Kirk and not that tough for me. I read this book and loved it, so Kirk got it on CD and "read" it, too. It caused a lot of discussion because Kirk said if it had been made into a movie it would be rated R. We talked a lot about what is considered appropriate in different media forms, and we never really came to any concrete conclusions. When Kirk "reads," everything is very visual for him. For me, the ideas are very abstract. Maybe that's why graphic stuff in books doesn't get to me the way it does in movies. I don't know. But this book provided a basis for a really great discussion in my house. Oh, and I loved the book, too.

Because it made sense to me: The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands
My GoodReads review:
"This book had such a unique perspective on how to be happy in a marriage. I appreciated Dr. Laura's candor, and I am going to try to actually implement some of the changes I think I could make in order to be a better wife."
I wrote that review on July 9th. Now I can't even remember what her perspective was or what changes I was supposedly going to make. Hmm. Maybe I'll read it again.